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Your Club, Your Trust, Your Vote

Chairman’s update including details of Bluebirds Trust Director election
Your Trust, Your Club, Your Vote!

We are nearly there! Even for this wonderful support, you have surpassed all expectations. From far and near, share contributions have flooded in. On behalf of the Bluebirds Trust we thank you for your efforts.
It’s a big responsibility you have placed upon us. This is your money, for your football club, through the Bluebirds Trust. It is time we set out how we are going to move forward, together, now that we are so close to the magic £50,000.
What Now? 
Firstly, let’s remind ourselves of the foundations which were set out with the club from the start of this process:
Qualified, professional people will have access to the club accounts on the Trust’s behalf and due diligence will take place before a penny is handed over.It is the membership who elect the Bluebirds Trust Director to the board. They will represent the 444 (currently) members, their shared investment and their interests. The choice of this person is up to the members and the members alone.Anyone we elect to the Barrow AFC board of directors will have to pass an FA Fit and Proper Person Test.As the board of the Trust were directed by the AGM, we are charged with how all of this will be administered. We have looked at various models, listened to advice both inside and outside our own Trust, and what we intend to do is this: 
Nominations for the position of Trust Board Representative will open Monday 18th February. Forms and further information can be downloaded from

Paper forms can be sent out on request and will also be available on Friday 22nd February at the Cross Bar during the ‘Meet the new owners’ event. Additionally, members will receive an email with instructions on how they can nominate a candidate online or by post. All nominations will require two Trust members to put forward a candidate, as the nomination form will make clear. Nominations can be sent digitally to or by post to The Chairman at 36 Urswick Green Barrow in Furness LA13 0BH. They will also be accepted by hand during the ‘Meet the new owners’ event. The nomination window will close at midnight on Sunday 24th February at which point all nominations must have been received. We also ask that candidates wishing to stand provide us with a written statement by the close of the nomination period. The statement should outline why you think members should vote for you, and should be no more than 500 words in length.
The Trust will reveal the nominees on Monday 25th February, which will be the first day of voting. Again, paper ballots can be issued on request but online and postal votes will be made available via another email to members and will be accepted provided they arrive on or before the final day of voting: Saturday 9th March. A ballot box will also be available in the Cross Bar before our home game against Aldershot on this date, with polls closing at 14:30. All ballots will be counted during the game and a winner declared in the Cross Bar at 17:15, subject to the successful candidate passing the FA Fit and Proper Person procedure.
Nominations and voting is open to all Trust members of any age, and will even be extended to new members who join the Trust before the respective deadlines. We want as many members as possible to engage in this process and for it to become as much a celebration of our accomplishments to date as it is a democratic process. This vote will decide your representative responsible for protecting your investment and raising your concerns on the Barrow AFC Board. It is the end result of months of your hard work supporting our fundraising efforts. So please take part and exercise your well-earned right to ensure that the best possible candidate is selected.
So you are aware, I do not intend to stand for the position myself. Work, family and other commitments mean I can’t give it the time it deserves even if I was lucky enough to be chosen. It will need energy and full commitment. There is huge talent in the supporter community and we need as many involved as possible. We now have by far the biggest membership we have ever had.
This decision also enables me to stay on as Trust Chairman (if re-elected by you in September) and help with the election, transition period, financial diligence and next steps for the Trust.
Hitch to Cologne

On Thursday I set out for the final time on an international adventure – hitch hiking to Cologne to visit our German supporters and raise money for share contributions. If you feel you can, please click the link. We are so close, let’s work to get this over the line. Thank you so much to those who have contributed already. You can contribute by clicking here: 
or drop a donation in to the Trust Shop on a matchday.
There will be regular updates on my progress throughout the trip on our social media channels and all your messages of support are appreciated..
Share Contribution Scheme

We now so close to achieving our goal of reaching £50,000 but we still have £5,000 to go.

If every one of the 444 members contributed another few pounds, perhaps on behalf of a family member, we would be there. If you have been meaning to contribute, but have not yet done so, please donate today. 

Go to or visit us on a matchday.

Every amount, no matter how small, will help.
Meet the New Owners

Barrow AFC have announced the first opportunity for fans to formally Meet the New Owners of the club. The event is being held at the Crossbar on Friday 22nd February with doors opening at 6.45 pm with a 7.30pm start for questions. Also on the panel will be manager Ian Evatt and a representative from the Trust Board.  

We would encourage as many of you as possible to attend and find out what they have planned for the future.
Your Trust #BePartOfIt

With a new influx of members, we would like to remind you all of the opportunities we have for you ALL to get involved in the running of the Trust and expand the range of things we are able to do and the support we are able to offer the community and the club. 

Obviously, first and foremost we are always very grateful for your financial support, be that your membership fee, Bluebirds Lottery (see more below) Share Contribution and other donations or purchases from the shop on a matchday.

However, we have many other ways you can get involved, put your skills into practice and make a difference.

For example we can always use extra help with our social media and communications, we need someone to help with arranging our travel to away games and we can always find something for extra willing hands to do pre-match on matchdays.

There are still vacancies on the Trust Board for those interested in helping develop and drive the strategic future of the Trust and we have some projects in the pipeline that would benefit hugely from help from project managers.

For those at more of a distance, we need your help too. For example, we need help in researching what other Trusts and Supporters Direct are doing that we might be able to get involved with or bring to our club.

There is literally something for everyone to get involved in, both locally and from all parts of the globe. 

The Bluebirds Trust  is Your Trust –  #BePartOfIt

To find out more please contact us on Facebook, Twitter or email
Trust Lottery

Win up to £50,000 with the Bluebirds Lottery!Do you want to win up to £25,000 for yourself and £25,000 for the Trust? Then join the Bluebirds Lottery today: have joined with Barrow based firm Sterling Lotteries and entered as a partner in their Club Draw scheme.For just £2 per week you will be allocated with a six digit Clubdraw Lottery number, which will remain yours for as long as you wish to keep playing. You can purchase more than one number if you wish.6 digits in the correct place wins £25,000 for you and £25,000 for us
5 digits in the correct place wins £1,000 for you
4 digits in the correct place wins £25 for you
3 digits in the correct place wins £5 for youEvery Saturday, the lucky winners are selected at random and prize cheques issued and posted directly to you, so there is no need for you to claim.You must be 16 or over to enter. Winners have to match 3, 4 5 or all 6 digits of the winning number in the correct place in the sequence.Sign up now using the online direct debit form: print off and complete a paper form with freepost return address to Club Draw:
Forms are also available in the Trust Shop/Office.

If you have any questions, please let us know on
As you can see there’s a lot to be involved with! Remember, this is your Trust, your chance to be involved in the running of the club we all love. There’s a lot to look forward to, for Barrow A.F.C and for the Bluebirds Trust- TOGETHER.
All Bluebirds are Blue

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