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Hi folks,

An incredibly busy week for all things Barrow AFC. You’ve got the maintenance team doing brilliant work. There’s members of the board in and out, particularly Mark and then of course there’s the K2B/C2B team getting ready for the walk. Also, on behalf of the club, the Trust has managed to keep a temporary shop open in the away can bar, for all the finals so far so that kids and families have somewhere to get a drink and snack. It’s been brilliant to see all the local junior clubs down at Holker Street. 

We are in for finals on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening this week. However, this Saturday and Sunday (when the tournaments last the whole day from about 8.30 registration till teatime) are especially hard for to staff because of both holidays and K2B/C2B. As we as help in the shop. we have found that ‘cleaning as we go’ in the ground will help with the build up of rubbish- there’s plenty to do. If anyone has any time at all, even an hour, please e-mail or message us on our Facebook page. 


All Bluebirds are Blue


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