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Play Your Part Contributor Update

From Steve Herbert Bluebird Trust Chair

Contributor Certificates

Richard is working through the administration of these and then they are either being posted out or delivered personally in the local area through the hard work of Russ Rawley.

Exclusive ‘All Bluebirds’ Pin Badges

For a variety of reasons, mainly to do with time and work pressure, I haven’t completed the order for these yet, for which I do apologise. What we are doing now is currently working with a local supplier to complete this. A reasonable timescale for delivery will be in March. They will be distributed in the same way as the certificates have been.

As an aside, we are also placing an order to place a different batch of pin badges on general sale.

‘All Bluebirds’ Wall Display on Renovated H.S.E

Timescale obviously dependent on planning, implementation and completion of the end itself. However, we will consult supporters by looking at ideas through our Trust Meetings (which are always open) and we always endeavour to answer any questions or listen to views.

We see this as a great way of marking fan participation in the building of our club as the Holker End is restored.

We are also very conscious that existing supporter signs on the H.S.E should also be incorporated and preserved.


The club agreed to this when we adapted the term sheet (by which the Trust and club work together) so we forsee no issues.

EXCLUSIVE match day discounts scheme
FREE match ticket to first home game of 2020/21 season
INVITATION to exclusive ‘Meet the Manager’ event
10% DISCOUNT on Advance Season Ticket for 2020/21 season

All these will be arranged in the close season for those contributors who meet criteria. The club and trust work together on this. The club is responsible for honouring the benefits, the trust for creating, organising and distributing them.

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  1. Thank you for all you are doing.

  2. Well done to everyone that’s dedication

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