Help with the Trust Shop and Painting at the Ground

Morning all,

Had an enjoyable evening down at the club last night, starting the refurbishment of the new Trust Shop and meeting with Ian Carruthers who is practically living down there at the moment.

We were discussing what needs doing, and there’s still quite a lot, a great deal of which the great maintenance lads haven’t the capacity to do, as they are maxed out on other jobs. Also, Levi Gill had spoke with Mark Hetherington and everyone would some areas around of the ground to be spruced up in time for the start of the season . So there are specific things for all skills to get involved in during the day.

Either Ian Carruthers or Mark will be down at the ground during the day, if anyone has a spare few hours- and Levi Gill or myself will be there in the evening. As a Trust, we could also really do with a help from a couple of trades to help with specific jobs. So if anyone fancies getting involved and has time, we have the following options:

Trust Shop

Stripping out area for storeroom in Portakabin (That’s my evening’s entertainment as is tidying up after it!)
Plumber to connect water supply
Electrician for a number of jobs including connection (Ian assures me both are reasonably simple in terms of where the main power is etc)
Clearing out internal wall etc and putting rubbish in skips
Assisting with setting up of units inside
Painting the Portakabin blue (last)
Ian C is somehow going to find the time to install a couple of windows but if someone knows how to do that that would be great

White wall at Steelworks End
White wall behind where the burger van is in away corner
Various clearing and moving jobs

From 10 till 10 and some times at weekends, if you can go down to the club, there will be someone there to direct you (they have paint etc ready). Everyone is in for the push towards the start of the season and it’s also brilliant to see all the improvements made and be around the ground.

So if you have any questions or can offer help, please do one of the following:

1) Ask on here
2) Text me on 07897 343579
3) Go to the club and ask for Mark Hetherington or Ian Carruthers during the day or Levi Gill or Steve Herbert in the evenings
4) Message the Bluebirds Trust Facebook
5) e-mail

There’s been an amazing amount done this summer and much more skilled and committed folk than me have given an awful lot of time- this is just that final push to get as ready as we possibly can be in a joined up way. Our support’s skills and abilities, from electrical fitting, to website design, to being able to winkle £1 raffle tickets out of people, to being prepared to get up at 8 on a Sunday and tidy the ground etc are second to none and I know it’s hugely appreciated. It’s what makes us, us.

All Bluebirds


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