Bluebirds Trust - Representing the fans of Barrow AFC

The 1901 Club

The 1901 Club replaces our previous Gold Bond lottery. For a one-off fee of £25 per entry, members of the 1901 Club will receive a unique number which is entered into monthly draws for cash prizes. These draws run all year meaning that, for a single upfront payment, members get twelve chances to win spread across an entire year.

The draws will pay three places every month, with 25% of all revenues from 1901 Club ticket sales being retained for prize money. The other 75% will go entirely to Barrow AFC* for use in the development of a “fan zone” including improved disabled and family seating. No lottery agents to pay, no external business taking a cut. Your money goes to your club.

The 1901 Club is your chance to help Barrow AFC grow and improve, while at the same time giving yourself a chance to win cash prizes. Entries will be on sale until 31st July so please take advantage of this exciting new initiative presented jointly by the Bluebirds Trust and Barrow AFC.

This season has seen Barrow A.F.C and The Bluebirds Trust work brilliantly together to raise funds for investment in the football club we love. None of this would have been possible without YOU.

The 1901 club, the new Bluebirds Lottery, will be administered by the Trust, working with the club to raise funds for fan projects at Barrow AFC, which will improve Holker Street for all our supporters.

For 2019-20, The Bluebirds Lottery will be to raising money to support a fantastic initiative – the renovation of the old West Terrace area of the ground into a zone for the whole fan community. There will be much improved facilities, a family section and also a new disabled area with better views, so that all our fans can watch the Bluebirds in the best way possible.